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    The Rotomat and Lean-Lift are two high-tech products for the automated storage technology sector. They enhance the advantages of Hanel storage systems tremendously. Their compact design help utilize the room height and offer maximum storage capacity. Hanel uses the motto “Goods to man rather than man to goods” to describe their substantial time savings. One advantage with ergonomics is the requested part of the product is brought automatically to the ergonomic retrieval height at the touch of a button. More advantages include: goods protection, flexibility, and networking. 

    The Rotomat has two specific carousels: the Storage and Office carousel. The storage carousel optimizes procedures, increases flexibility, and lowers costs dramatically. The Rotomat storage carousel keeps you from having to bend, climb ladders, and walk long distances to search for and store parts or articles. The office carousel offers optimal filing systems for office and administration. The Rotomat office carousel by Hanel brings the required files to the retrieval point in just a few seconds. These carousels can offer you great cost savings and space savings. 



    The Lean-Lift is known for its flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The Lean-Lift produces maximum storage capacity on a minimal footprint. The product is safe and ergonomic so employees minimize there chance of getting injured on the job. Hanel uses environmentally friendly and recyclable material to better protect the economy. The Lean-Lift can improve your intralogistics concept and reduce costs. 


    Watch this short video that demonstrates each product and shows how much time you can save by using these exceptional products. Click here to view the video.

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