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    The Automotive Industry 

    If you work in the automobile industry, you’re bound to know that proper tire storage is a necessity for an organized work place. When storing tires, as we all know, they are a very important asset to a vehicle; which means protecting the tires is a must. So how can you get that proper storage and fully protect the tires from wearing and tearing? 

    BSC has a storage solution that will keep your tires vertically stored which in turn, gives you more floor space and allows you to use that extra space for other parts. Vidir’s Tire Carousel is the ultimate tire storage solution for organizing, storing, displaying and accessing tires efficiently and ergonomically. The Tire Carousel is a semi-automated Vertical Carousel that consists of tire carriers that rotate up and down to deliver tires to the operator at an ergonomic height eliminating the need for ladders, forklifts, and other hazardous retrieval methods. 

    When using a vertical lift or storage solution like this, it takes away the chance of injury in the workplace and saves you an exponential amount of time and money down the road. 


    Some advantages of using a vertical carousel or lift are as followed: 

    • Productivity increases in the workplace
    • Cost savings
    • Injuries are prevented because the lift brings the tires to the operator 
    • Floor space is saved giving you more room to store other parts 
    Why Our Storage Solutions Would Benefit You

    Think about the amount of times your employees have had to use some sort of machinery to retrieve a tire, or had to physically lift a tire for servicing. Your employees would benefit from a storage solution like this and it would give them the opportunity to spend the time they initially would have been retrieving a tire physically to working on other vehicles because retrieving a tire would no longer take so much time. 

    As you can see with the vertical lift, it is controlled by a digital maneuver that allows you to retrieve the exact tire you need within seconds. All you have to do is move the lift to the exact tire with the lever available to you. 

    When we say the tire carousel will increase your work space we’re not kidding. The motorized tire carousel can safely store a large number of tires of various sizes, greatly increasing onsite tire storage capacity. This tire storage system fully utilizes overhead space to recover up to 70% of the floor space required by more traditional storage systems. 

    Check out this video for a quick demonstration of the Tire Carousel 

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    Don’t let the old shelving and storage put a damper on your employees. Learn more about the Tire Carousel so you can improve your automotive work space. We will help you every step of the way.