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    There is a science to developing the appropriate warehouse storage solution. Sometimes you’re limited by the actual physical amount of space that your warehouse has to offer. There are some creative ways to not only maximize that space/footprint, no matter how small, but also to increase efficiency.

    If you are struggling with warehouse storage methods, take a quick look and consider if specific needs may require you to change the way you use the space. Your goals are the most important measures that should be taken into consideration when designing and improving your warehouse space. Here are some concepts to think about.

    Questions to consider when thinking of maximizing your warehouse storage space:

    1. Is there room to go Vertical? 

    Making use of vertical space in your warehouse by stacking inventory, if possible, is a way to increase the amount of merchandise your warehouse can hold. If there is a large amount of dead air space between the storage systems and the roof, chances are you are not using your warehouse’s vertical space fully to your advantage.

    According to one storage solutions company, Stanley Vidmar, utilizing vertical space means using the space above docks, cross aisles, work and pick-up areas, loads and anywhere else empty air is.

    Going vertical has other benefits for us workers so that they may have an easier and safer time navigating the warehouse facility. There will be less of a mess in the ground floor area, the building will feel more organized, and a worker will have a clearer path.

    1. Do we have too much inventory on hand? 

    There are solutions in place which provide warehouse control solutions, offered to help minimizing the inventory actually kept on hand. The software can let the management know once they reach a base level and need to reorder. From keeping good records, the end user will be able to accurately predict how much they will need to have at any given moment and at any given time and can get rid of excess inventory that is taking up costly floor space.

    1. Is your Storage Equipment the Issue? 

    It is possible the equipment people have to store and organize their inventory, such as tools/parts/articles is not allowing them to keep up their warehouse space in the most efficient method. They should make sure the slots and racks they use are the best options based on the sizes and types of the products. Storage solutions should be chosen on what type can house the type, size, quantity of products they are storing.

    1. Are the Products Organized efficiently? 

    Often, it is best to store similar products in the same area to achieve the greatest efficiency. Workers will have an easier time retrieving items if they are organized logically.

    1. Is there more Up-to-date Technology to Help Stay Organized? 

    There are various technology solutions out on the market to help customers keep up with their inventory and warehouse items. Taking the time to research this is best.

    These are some things to keep in mind:

    • Try to save money on operations
    • Keep up with tracking inventory more efficiently
    • Keep up with inventory usage
    • Keep up with order accuracy
    • Effectively allocate labor
    1. Have You Thought About Growth and the Future? 

    If customers are planning to change up their warehouse storage, it is crucial for them to think about their needs that may change in the days ahead, so they can account for these changes when implementing them.