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    Not having efficient material storage solutions for your manufacturing needs can be costly. At BSC we offer efficient storage solutions that will align with your unique workflow and production processes. Therefore, if you are looking for material storage solutions in Mississippi, BSC has you covered!

    The following are just a few of our many solution offerings:

    Our Efficient Material Storage Solutions address these specific issues:

    • Safety
    • Space Savings
    • Productivity
    • Inventory Control

    High Density Mobile Shelving: “Mobile shelving systems provide maximum storage capacity solutions for challenging spaces. Also, high-density movable storage systems can significantly increase storage capacity in a smaller footprint.”

    Pallet rack systems: “Pallets with materials are placed directly on racks, are the most common storage racks. Also, Pallet racks allow inventory and other supplies to be put in storage directly from transportation.

    Implant Offices: “Quick to install and cost-efficient. They also offer a plethora of benefits to managers, administrators, and staff who want to maximize efficiency by staying onsite for all communication purposes.”

    Mezzanines: “Industrial mezzanines are free-standing structures that we can dismantle and relocate as a company’s needs change. They are often used in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, processing plants, office buildings, also large retail stores to increase available area for storage, workspace, or office areas.”

    Wire Cages: “Protect inventory and other items in storage, increase safety in work areas, and prevent losses. Our flexible, modular designs allow us to provide solutions that fit your needs precisely. Also, we can reconfigure & relocate them if your requirements change.”

    These are just some of our material storage solutions, check out our products page for more information on other storage solutions.

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    Why Choose BSC?

    Firstly, BSC is a leader in high-density storage solutions and scanning services. Secondly, we work with all the industry’s best manufacturers to bring you the most current and useful technologies and systems. Contact us today to discuss material storage solutions and other storage options in more detail, or to request a quote if you’ve got a specific project in mind.